Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an advanced software technology that makes it super easier to develop, deploy as well as manage different software robots that can effectively emulate multiple human actions by interacting with digital software and system. Such robots can do a lot of things such as understanding the commands, complete the right task, extract data, and more. As per some researches, the global market for the RPA- Robotic Process Automation services are projected to reach USD 7.7 billion in 2021, and by the end of 2023, it will touch USD 12 billion marks.

Robotics Process Automation

What We Assist ?

Companies today are extensively integrating different new-age technologies, for example, cognitive computing, IoT, and RPA, to easily deal with the challenges like lowering TCO- Total Cost of Ownership, minimizing human errors, enhancing workforce efficiency, and more. With RPA, you can easily automate multiple business processes, for example, billing, administrative tasks, accounting, and more.

At Prudent, we assist companies to integrate different technologies along with RPA to transform your business ecosystem. With our end-to-end RPA consulting and solution development services, we can inculcate intelligent automation into the companies and help them attain robust business growth.

Why should every organization go for RPA?

Our Robotic Process Automation can streamline workflows, and that will make the organizations more responsive, flexible, and profitable. This is non-invasive, and we can rapidly implement it to accelerate your business’s digital transformation effectively. Besides, our RPA solution is a perfect option for automating workflows that includes VDIs- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, legacy systems without APIs, and more.

Better analytical capabilities

Whenever you execute a process with RPA, the process log will be created. The log includes operational information that can be analyzed to accelerate decision-making. Besides, you will be able to improve your process and operations.

Regulatory adherence

Regulatory compliance is an essential aspect for companies. We can offer you a fully RPA-enabled process that will enable your business to keep track of business operations and documentations. As a result, your organizations will be more compliant with regional regulations.

A greater level of efficiency

With our unique RPA solutions, you can have a robust automated process that can function smoothly 24×7. Apart from high availability, it will ensure 100 percent efficiency, zero errors, and lesser TAT. Go for it now.

Better customer delight

Our RPA solution will function round the clock, resulting in delighted customers who will receive instant information and response. With a perfect RPA, you can take your customer experience to a new level without any errors.

What We Do ?

RPA Consulting

Our RPA experts will help you to identify and understand the processes that require automation. We also deal with legacy system automation. Once our experts optimize FTE and productivity, they create a practical roadmap for automation deployment. They can identify the right OCR and RPA tools to make the process successful.

Automation Support

Our experienced RPA automation team will help you with bot management, risk management, disaster recovery, opportunity discovery, and more. What's more? We can also offer RPA training to keep your employees updated about different RPA tools. It's now easier to automate high-volume as well as repeatable tasks. Join us and leverage the benefits of RPA with our experts.

Digital Business Process Automation

With this, you can free up your employees by delegating routine and low-level tasks to bots. Our solutions will work along with the employees with a data-driven approach to automate content analysis, business workflows, management, etc.

Automation Design

We will help you to map manual business processes that can be automated. Then, we detect the intervention models that can be applied.